Star Map On Wood - Personalized Constellation Map - Custom Night Sky, Stars On Wedding Day, Celestial Map Art, Stars on Anniversary Gift


Are you looking for a one of a kind night custom celestial map print on wood? Our celestial sky print makes an amazing gift or a great way to relive life's greatest moments! Relive that special day over and over again with our custom celestial map!

Using astronomy software, we're able to recreate exactly what the night sky looked like at a certain location at a precise moment in time. The sky that you see on the print was the specific alignment of the stars at the location you were when your life changed forever!

To order, simply let us know:
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A custom engraved message on the back of the map is an option as well!

Two Become One
Our Wedding
Mr. & Mrs.
The Story Of Us
The Start Of Forever
I Do

Wood grain varies from piece to piece, since no single piece of wood is identical to another.